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About me.

☆ Xe/They/It/He ☆ I'm a robotic angel from the depths of space.

Anyway I love blood and guts and gore and violence >:) I'm designed only to eat human meat and drink monster and I clean my wings with blood. If you ever manage to track me down outside the net, I'll give you a tooth from your worst enemy.

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Update Box

Sitewide Notice - Please view website at 100% on desktop! That is what it was designed for :)

12/11/22-12/13/22 - Added a bunch of shit, look around! Including 30 days of poetry, an agere page, and a selfie page :)

11/23/22 - Added a chatbox!!

11/21/22 - Added the bad art project! literally feel like my eyeballs are falling out of my skull but fuck it I have more ideas >:3

11/10/22 - Due to school and life things I haven't been able to work on the site as much as I'd like :/ I'm hoping to get some stuff done this weekend, though!