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gif of konata izumi with text saying I'm Out Of Touch in sparkly impact font

R0B1N666....................Who the fuck is this?

That's the question I always ask myself. Made up compound words tend to work well enough to define, shit like girlboy furfag robothing. I'm an anarchist, a criminal, an animal, a self determined nonhuman trying to survive. All the pronouns. All the swag. All the fear, and all the strength. Feel free to ask me if you need html+css help!

gif of a sparkly transgender flag

Continuing various updates, including changing the 'for you' page into 'resources' and adding more information. More to come as of writing this!

Added 9 more videos to the video page, added a 'What I Use On The Net' section to the best sites page, adjusted the width of the welcome image to account for scrollbar size issues in other browsers, uploaded the non-default font directly into the website to work around google fonts issues, and updated the music player.

Remade the favicon today. I went through several iterations and I'm still not sure if I like it. Here are all of them from oldest to newest for reference:

Redid the music player and site button today! I definitely prefer the new looks for both (I was never really happy with either of my first buttons anyway). I'm also continuing to experiment with the theme button script to get something more functional for anyone who wants to use it. Unfortunately I'm a LOT more familiar with html and css than I am with javascript.

Been updating some things today! I've got the new button done, currently finishing up the art page and then I'm going to update the selfies page. Also, happy belated 4/20 neocities :)

The main page is starting to come together! It feels good to get back into html.

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